Birth Doula


There is a saying that when mama brings baby to her chest for the first time, both mama and baby are in their habitat, their sanctuary… their HEARTLAND!

It is my vision that all mamas, babies and birth partners get to feel the divinity of this “heartland” moment – and I believe that having a doula at your birth – facilitates the wisdom, security and focus that are needed during this life-illuminating event.


Doula Services:

  • Before – I offer a free 30 min “getting to know you” consult to see if I’m the doula for you. If we make a connection, I will offer a minimum of two prenatal visits. At these visits I will help you and your birth team identify your joys and concerns surround labor and parenthood. I will then facilitate a customized labor preparation plan.
  • During – Once labor begins, and you request me, I will come to your home or meet you where you’re laboring.

I will stay with you and your partner throughout labor – reminding you of the wisdom you already possess, offer hands-on comfort measures, Q&A feedback and breath and composure support.

Upon your sweet babe’s (or babies’) arrival, I will make sure you’re tucked, nourished and ready for privacy following baby’s birth (usually 1-2 hours post birth). This time also includes some breast or bottle feeding guidance.

  • After – I will come to your home for a visit at about the 10 day mark – or sooner/later as needed – and help you around the house, tell stories of your birth if you’d like, and help with any newborn feeding or care.
  • On going – Once we have agreed that I am your doula, I will be available to you via email, text or phone throughout the duration of our professional relationship- any time of day.


It is my cornerstone belief that being a doula is a profession you’re called to. I received my calling during the birth of my own son. As I floated in and out of “Labor Land” I looked around at my Midwife and nurses and realized that my moment of divinity, was another moment in their work day. I recall committing right then to finding so rich a purpose with my own professional path.

Since then, I have received training to become a birth doula, Lamaze childbirth educator. I have completed the DONA “Birth Doula Workshop”, attended the Waterbirth International Waterbirth Certification Workshop, completed the Blooma Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training certification, and of course, birthed, nursed and bottle-fed my own two children.

*Photo by Danica Donnelly