Birth Doula Centering Model of Care



Q: What is the Birth Doula Centering Model Of Care?


  • 2 meetings per month, 2 hours each, with other families who are due around the same time as you

  • 4 rotating topics (1.5 hours each)

  • 4 doulas present at each centering meeting (with the exception of unique circumstances)

  • each family decides how many/which topics to attend (we encourage all 4, even for second, third, and fourth time families)

  • 1 central location

  • 30 min. available at the end of each meeting to meet privately with me, with your primary doula

Q: Who are the facilitating birth doulas?

A: Amy Heilman | Brook Holmberg | Margaret McKinley Owens | Sarah Auna 

Q: Why should families choose this option?
A: Deluxe, fully-loaded facilitator group!

  • 30+ years of experience, plus almost 700 births attended between the four of us

  • Many different skills and services

    • Prenatal Yoga Teachers (Sarah, Amy, Brook)

    • ​Trained Childbirth Educators (Sarah, Margaret, Brook)

    • Certified Lactation Specialists (Margaret and Brook)

    • Craniosacral Therapist (Margaret)

    • Placenta Encapsulator (Margaret)

    • Mother Blessings (all of us!)

  • Quality control (we have honed our topic nights so there is no overlap between meetings + evidence-based info)

  • All families get to meet their back-up Doulas on many times over!

  • Group setting for community and confidence building (guaranteed continuity of care)

  • Families get much more time with their Doula than typical package

  • Second-, third-, fourth-time families: you get to carve out time to focus on this babe, have a sacred date night as a couple, and share your wisdom with other families. We need your incredible knowledge!

Q: Do I have to attend all meetings?

A: No. We encourage families to attend all four topics, and request two at minimum. In the end, it is each family’s decision.

Q: What are the topics?

A: We’ve taken all of our individual content and combined them into one robust curriculum:

  • Navigating Labor Support + Comfort Measures

  • Emotional Preparation

  • Postpartum Planning + Navigating

  • Women’s Only Reflection Night

Q: What if I want more private time with my primary doula?

A: Absolutely! This can be arranged in a few different ways (and multiple times):

  • Schedule a phone call or Skype date for a personal conversation

  • Schedule your 1:1 time at the end of a centering meeting (approx. 30 min)

  • Meet for dinner/tea before a centering meeting (café on premise at location)

Q: What if I am still unsure or unclear about the Birth Doula Centering Model Of Care?

A: Please set up a get-acquainted meeting to talk more and ask questions! We want you to get more out of your investment. This is the future of birth doula support!