Childbirth Educator (LCCE)

Angela and blessing way


Childbirth education is a civil service. It’s work that lifts families up and changes lives. It’s work that shapes not only the way my peers think about birth but how they approach big decisions in life and in parenting.

Taught alongside my co-teachers – the Blooma Birth Class covers everything that you and your partner need to know about giving birth! From the initial moments of wondering “Am I really in labor?!” to those first few days with your newborn. Discover what your body is capable of and learn what you can do to support your body’s wisdom. Build your community with a group of other parents-to-be as you learn from The Blooma Educators in a supportive, empowering, and fun environment.

Taking childbirth education outside of a hospital setting is one of the best things a woman can do to get a real-feel for her evidence-based birth options. Join us – will you? Sign up here.

Childbirth Educator Services:

  • Blooma Birth Class – offered every month at Blooma Minneapolis, St. Paul or Plymouth.
  • Private in-home class – 3 hour class offered on Monday nights and Sunday afternoons. Customized to help you identify the kind of birth you’d like to have, where the best place to have that birth is and how best to prepare.

Once your teacher, always your teacher. I expect that families will consider me a first-responding alli as they navigate birth, feeding and parenthood.


I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator who has attended many professional conferences on perinatal mood disorders as well as optimizing women’s healthcare in the perinatal stage of life. I’ve also had some real-time training while birthing my own two children. I stay steeped in evidence-based birth practices and love when families call me their “new Google” on all things birth!