Birth Doula


There is a saying that when mama brings baby to her chest for the first time, both mama and baby are in their habitat, their sanctuary… their HEARTLAND!

It is my vision that all mamas, babies and birth partners get to feel the divinity of this “heartland” moment – and I believe that having a doula at your birth – facilitates the wisdom, security and focus that are needed during this life-illuminating event.

Doula Services:

  • First, A FREE Consultation

    Typically we meet in a comfortable setting or the familiy’s home for a casual “get-acquainted” consultation to see if it’s a good fit. This is your opportunity to learn more about my practice style and personality, as well as an opportunity for me to really learn about you, and what type of support you are looking for.

    If Hired, 4 Centering Prenatal Visits

    Though birth is undeniably and rightly so, a deeply private and intimate event, the prenatal period is a time of great opportunity to re-establish (or build for the very first time) a community of trust and support. The saying, “it takes a village” could never be more true. Pregnancy, birth, and raising of a child is personal, and it is also communal. As birth doulas, we want to help with both by inviting all the families we serve to gather, learn, and grow together.

    Borrowing from the Centering Model of [Obstetric] Care, developed by the Centering Healthcare Institute, three of my most trusted fellow Doulas and I have created The Birth Doula Centering Model of Care, through which we will provide our collective Doula families group prenatal education and support. We honestly could not be more excited!

    There is great research to suggest that that centering model of prenatal care has many advantages to the standard one-on-one prenatal care historically offered by Doulas in our community, including but not limited to:

    • development of community through family-to-family engagement

    • opportunity to hear questions asked and thoughts offered by other families that one did not think of herself

    • a means to which common concerns are validated and normalized

    • more time with one’s primary and back-up Doulas than the standard model

    • allows for the building of stronger, more trusted relationships before the birth of one’s baby

    • second-, third-, fourth-time families: this is your opportunity to carve out time for this babe, have a sacred date night as a couple, and share your wisdom with other families. We need your incredible knowledge!

    Birth Doula Centering Model Of Care Specs:

    • 2 meetings per month, 2 hours each, with other families who are due around the same time as you

    • 4 rotating topics (1.5 hours each)

    • 4 doulas present at each centering meeting (with the exception of unique circumstances)

    • each family decides how many/which topics to attend (we encourage all 4, even for second, third, and fourth time families)

    • 1 central location

    • 30 min. available at the end of each meeting to meet privately with me, your primary doula

    Families get much more than a typical doula package. This is the future of birth doula support! Click here for all the details on this doula centering group.


    It is my cornerstone belief that being a doula is a profession you’re called to. I received my calling during the birth of my own son. As I floated in and out of “Labor Land” I looked around at my Midwife and nurses and realized that my moment of divinity, was another moment in their work day. I recall committing right then to finding so rich a purpose with my own professional path.

    Since then, I have received both formal and informal training to become a birth doula. I have completed the DONA “Birth Doula Workshop”, attended the Waterbirth International Waterbirth Certification Workshop, completed the Blooma Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training certification, become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, attended many professional conferences on perinatal mood disorders as well as optimizing women’s healthcare in the perinatal stage of life. I’ve also had some real-time training while birthing my own two children.