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“Sarah Auna is a fiercely compassionate goddess of a doula. She sees you in your entirety, IMG_6344radiates warmth, listens with her whole being and puts everyone she works with at ease. She brings equal parts strength, and nurturing, holistic support and practical skills to her practice. I was instantly and intuitively drawn to her after a few prenatal yoga classes and knew she would be an amazing partner through labor and delivery  – and I was absolutely right. After the birth of my daughter, one of our midwives told us that Sarah was one of the best doulas she had ever worked with. Her follow-up support was the kind of whole-being care that every new mama should have. If there is ever such a thing as a life doula – I want Sarah to be mine. Her wisdom, love, generosity and support are truly gifts.”

– Stephanie, mother of two


“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am SO THANKFUL to you for your support, guidance,rachel and ella coaching and time. Our labor and delivery was so wild and I truly believe that you [helped] turned Ella. The day was powerful, emotional and wonderful, which would NOT have been the same without you. I feel stronger as a woman and know that I can do even more than I thought I could. Evan and I are so thankful to have met you and are honored that you participated in Ella’s birth.”

-Rachel, Ella’s mom


Sarah, thank you is not remotely close to sufficient enough to acknowledge the gratitude we11329958_10205454186726883_9046715498717188626_n have for you. From beginning to end, your constant support, ceaseless positivity, and unrelenting motivation helped me be the support I needed to be, and gifted my partner with the tenacity to keep going, eventually leading to us to welcoming our perfect little girl into this world, which in itself became a stressful event. However, you were there to help comfort and relieve my partner, even when I was unable to do so. My partner and I would shout your name from the rooftops if we had the opportunity to do so. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.”

-Bob and Allison, parents of Ellie


laura and soren

“Sarah, we are so happy you were a part of our birth story. Your warmth, wisdom and calmness allowed us to be fully present in what would have otherwise been a very stressful experience. Words cannot quite express our gratitude.”

-Laura and Tom, parents of Soren




“I am so fortunate you were on my team during one of the most difficult and most rewarding times in my life. I am so glad there are selfless people like you who are on this planet who are on this planet for all the right reasons. May God always bless you and your family. You are THE BOMB!!! Thank you so much, once again Sarah.”

“Words will not do justice to our feelings towards your help. You are now part of our lives. Every time we will tell Aaryan’s birth story, it will start with you.”

– Father and Mother of Aaryan



“There are just no words to truly thank you for all you’ve done to help with Coen’s birth and my rebirth. You are my rock, my star and my angel and you are forever in my heart.”

Shelly, mama of Coen




” Sarah was my rock because she took care of my needs before I even knew them.”

-Latisha, mother of Caleb




“Prenatal yoga with Sarah Auna was comfortable, relaxing and helpful overall. After each session I felt as if I was doing something positive both for myself and my baby. While in Labor I felt like I was able to cue in with what was going on with my body and take in each moment as it happened.”

-Amy, mom to Henry



“Nothing else seems to relax my body and mind like Sarah’s prenatal yoga class. I call it my “75 minutes of serenity” that I get to look forward to every single week.  Not only has my physical health benefited from this class, but my self confidence has also improved.  It’s so empowering to be around other strong pregnant women, and Sarah’s encouraging words every week make us all feel like pregnancy is the most amazing, sacred journey ever. We are constantly reminded that we’re amazing warrior-goddess mamas getting ready to bring new life into the world! Thank you, Sarah, for your commitment to us!”

-Diana, mother of two



“I come to class because I know I will leave feeling relaxed and empowered. Sarah’s prenatal yoga makes me feel more prepared for labor and birth and I feel like a strong mama every class!”

-Maggie, new mom of Finley




“I would 100% recommend Sarah’s prenatal yoga classes to a friend. What I got most out of her classes was feeling more connected to my baby. When I attended my first class I was not yet showing and still feeling a little nauseous. Sarah’s class helped me remember there was a baby growing inside of me and it was MY baby. As my pregnancy progressed I continued to attend Sarah’s yoga classes. She created such a welcoming, safe space for everyone in the class. Prenatal yoga continued to help me feel a strong connection to my baby and my own inner strength. I always left feeling a combination of energized and peaceful.”

-Meredith, new mama to Anna


“What a PERFECT career for you… No one was more welcoming, nonjudgmental and warm to me as I prepared to bring my girl in the world. Bless you for following your calling! Lucky mamas everywhere. XO” 

-Nikki, mama of Linea